Lauren Engel is a half-American half-Chinese photographer. She grew up in Hong Kong and lived there for 20 years. She has also lived in New York, Sydney and Boston.  She picked up her camera in 2011 where she initially focused in fashion photography. 

A few years later, Lauren’s fashion photography got published in Vogue France, Harper’s Bazaar Australia, GQ Paris, and much more. Throughout the years she has done travel, lifestyle, food and event photography. From travel photography and growing up in a design forward city like Hong Kong, Lauren’s interest has grown to encompass to real estate, design and interior photography. 

She graduated from Boston’s Northeastern University with a Bachelor degree in Business with a focus in Marketing and a minor in International Affairs. Lauren has grown her social media entities to 24K on Instagram, 11k on Facebook and an aggregate of 55K subscribers across her various YouTube channels. She understands content creation and engaging audiences online.  Previously she worked for HYPEBEAST for 3 years which enhanced her editorial eye.


Vogue France

GQ France

Harper's Bazaar Australia

HYPEBEAST (Soulja Boy)


Fast fact- One of her most memorable assignments was with Beats By Dre in Hong Kong where she photographed Kendrick Lamar & Dr. Dre. She has also photographed Soulja Boy for HYPEBEAST and Snoop Dogg.


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