You haven’t really relaxed in New York if you haven’t checked out Fire Island. It was the morning of decision. I shared a place with a french guy up in NY and his boss recommended to check this place out and since I have a weekend without needing to shoot, I did. I’m telling you, even though I’ve travelled quite a lot over the world. This place is stunning, especially the fact that it’s only two hours or so from the city. We got there around four after taking a train then a bus then a boat but in the end it was perfect timing with the sun starting to set and casting playful colours and shadows along the sky and water. As the day went on, it was getting pretty dark and we were running around in the dark on the beach trying to find any sort of civilisation and the town where boats docked was really quite adorable.


Took the bus down to Philly for my Moving Castle peeps show. The night was at Goldilocks, a cool gallery space in the heart of the city. I met the crew through Brett on Instagram when I photographed Nicky Ottav few years ago in Hong Kong and finally this summer I met him, Manila Killa, my bb AObeats and the whole gang. I bloody miss this ;(


Been crying my NYC family, Manila Killa, AOBeats, Lenny left me alone in the Big Apple but I knew I couldn’t miss Fool’s Gold. I went alone. It was my first time seeing Falcons and I literally died in the crowd. When he dropped that Vroom I swear I was the only one flying up to heaven. As the sun started to set my day got more and more ratchet. I got shoved and accidentally hit more than I would boxing. Still, there were killer vibes and probably one of the most passionate, passionate? crowds I’ve been to at an event. But in the end, I just took some more snaps and peaced out.

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