I tweeted about three years ago that I was dying to go to fashion week. Back then I was stuck in Hong Kong, studying for my finals and NYFW seemed so so far away. It was perfect timing when I interned in NYC and I knew I had to attend it in some shape or form. I shot Hong Kong Fashion Week before, but let me tell you this is completely another level. My first show was for Parke & Ronen, after you get checked of press list, inside was studio space with 6’2 male models all insanely toned, with perfect smiles and hair. Yep, this is NYFW. Most of the other shows were at Mercedes-Benz fashion week venue. Right as you present your press pass into the Mercedes-Benz you enter a huge hall. Your in line for your seating, and once you get your QR code you proceed to the main ‘arena’. The first thing you notice is a hub of photographers/journalists on desks pulling up the last shows pictures, putting everything up to url. No one stands around. People are rushing to and from shows. There are a few commercial stands, a Mercedes and I believe, three different runways. Before the main entrances of each of the runways, you present your QR code to get in. The shows start roughly 15-30 mins late every time. The crowd is ushered in, the lights dim and the shows begin. Most shows are only twenty minutes long, long enough for me to half-way crouch without getting aches as I shoot. As press, you enter through the backdoor. It’s more simple, you present it at the back tent and you are taken into all the commotion backstage–models in seats with around 4-5 hair stylists and makeup artists to each model. I snap some shots of models getting their look done and in their wardrobe. Minutes before show starts, I run into the press pit and snag a seat.
Backstage shows I attended:
Parke & Ronen, Meskita, Lie Sang Bong, Academy of Art, Michael Costello

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